American n. an Aboriginal or one of the various copper-colored natives found on the American Continent by the Europeans;  the original application of the name. Websters 1828 American Dictionary of the English language and 1936; Websters Unabridged 20th Century Dictionary.

About This Website

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This Moorish Public Notice Website spawned from the social, economic, moral, and politically motivated necessity to create a rightful venue for publishing the legal notices for Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural Peoples of the Land, Northwest Amexem / Nortwest Africa / North America, cosmologically known as 'The North Gate" (Moors of the Northwest).

Due to data allowance, Limited Active and Loyal Moors are welcome to use this National - oriented venue to publish their Lawful and Legal Documents and Proclamations, etc. The same shall be acknowledged for 'The Public Record' and for 'Public Notices'. This website shall be viewed as an inclusive, Rotarian arm, providing access to the Natural People and all Moorish Grand Sheiks, Sheikesses, Ministers and Consuls for examination and informational interjection and participation for Legal and Lawful Moorish Consul to examine, and to measure the same by our Constitution and Treaty standards.

We, the Aboriginals of the Land, cannot and should not depend upon the misrepresented and colored, unconstitutional 'Courts' to make available their compromised and Feudal venues for publishing our Allodial Documents in the Public forum. All lawful, National informational and Proclamation activities among the Moorish Americans should be administered by Moors, and not expected to be given credible or fair dispensation when carried out by the Fraud - oriented, Private, Foreign Corporate Agencies established and executed under 'Feudal Law' and Demo - operations. Thus, when Moors, the Natural People, seek to publish their allodial Documents in these anti - constitutional venues, the demeanor and attitudes of the agents and officers of these entities will almost always be hesitant and uncooperative, in that such publications expose their untoward acts and Fraud practices.

However, the active among our Moorish family, who are loyal to the 'Humanitarian Cause', have to remain diligent and steadfast in the timely self - Publishing of our own Documents. We must secure our rightful, Constitutional position outside of the 'Colorable Courts' and anti - constitutional venues of the European occupiers operating in America. The record has shown that lawful and Constitutional Documents are in contradistinction to their Feudal Law activities and, when presented to them, are often buried in restricted files or kept away from easy Public access. These acts ( on their part ) are deemed to strategically ensure that little or no visibility or access is given to such revealing Records. The intent is to deceive and to maintain their obvious corruption and misprision, withholding truths and facts from the Public.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali established the 'Moorish Divine and National Movement', with its many needed and necessary in-branch institutional departments and operations, for the distinct purpose of having the Moorish Americans demonstrate competence in their affairs with themselves and with the families of nations. He commanded their Moorish leadership to create literature to change the people, and was a very vocal proponent of the publication of Moorish Newspapers. Logically, this would include all Moorish community activities and Lawful Communication Briefs and Documents. Noble Drew Ali said:

                  "The greatest weapon in the hands of our group today, in America, is our press. The truth will never be told
                    about a disadvantaged minority by the general press of any country, whether that minority be racial, political
                    or religious. Unless we express ourselves through papers of our own, the truth about us will not be told.

                    Our papers are our only hope of shoveling ourselves out from under the avalanche of lies that are annually let
                    loose upon us.
A strong free press is the best possible safeguard of the liberties in general promotion and defense of the                                     interests of a strong, free people".

While there is not one common current National newspaper in circulation for the Moorish Nation ( due to the FBI's 'Cointelpro' operations ), there are, nevertheless, several small honorable and germane publications and circulations that do provide some functional measure of applicable, informative and useful information. However, and to the positive, there are individuals among the active Moors who are fervently working to re-establish the progressive type and magnitude of the principled circulation that was originally set up by the Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.

The Moorish National Affairs Website shall be made available for those Moorish Americans who seek to inform the Nation, Citizens, Members and extended Family of the events and activities initiated for upliftment, education, progress, entertainment as well for Public Notices.

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Welcome Moors! 

A Message from Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey . . . . . . .

"All active Moors of North America should be diligent and progressive in all matters concerning the betterment of our people and the Nation. Be sure to do your part in doing or producing that which will demonstrate competence and alliance with that which is of good will and of good service to our extended family. Prophet Noble Drew Ali set a pattern for all Moorish Americans to observe, to study, and to build upon. Let us all apply ourselves accordingly".

Click here to read the Al Morroccan Taj Tarik Bey, G.S.

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