If You Don't Do Anything Else...
Declare Your Nationality!

--Noble Drew Ali


Declaring and Proclaiming Nationality is NOT a matter of Commerce, thus no need to cancel adhesion contracts via commercial registry.  Proclaiming is 'Nunc Pro Tunc' and by doing so, you acknowledge that those so-called contracts are 'void ab inito', thus no need to make them voidable, they already are VOID!!!!
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Moorish Americans have been declaring their Nationality more now than ever before in response to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The Prophet teaches that if Moors don't do anything else, 'Declare your Nationality'. Not having a Nationality makes you a 'stateless person', and a 'Ward of the State'.

Correcting your name should be a fundamental issue to address also. Bearing the European name not only makes you a ward of the state but also makes you a subject to to the European taxation, the licensing of birthrights, and other abuses. 

These are the words of the Prophet:
".....And every nation must bear a national descent name of their forefathers, because honoring thy fathers and they mothers, your days will be lengthened upon this earth......Through your free national name you are known and recognized by said national government in which they live."

Below are Moors who have made Name Corrections, Declared their Nationality and are Proclaiming such to all nations of the earth:

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